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Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon
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Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon

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When I took up archery a couple of years ago I just bought a basic sight to get me a going, a Cartel Q Sight which I bought from Quicks. As a complete beginner there was little point in me buying anything better as at that stage a pin stuck in the side of the riser would have been good enough for me. However, although a big improvement over a pin, the Cartel Q Sight was not without it's problems. A common complaint with pretty much all Cartel sights is that they constantly shake themselves loose with some people saying they have to re tighten them after every arrow. I was fortunate that my sight would remain tight most of the time and 'only' required tightening once or twice a session. Unfortunately this was probably due to it being very stiff and meant that it was a nightmare to adjust. So around 8 months ago I started looking for a new sight, but which one should I buy?

When comparing all the different recurve sights there does seem to be quite a jump between the bottom end of the market and the top end with very little in between. At the bottom end of the market you have the various Cartel sights which, as previously mentioned, all seem to share similar problems of either being too stiff or simply shake themselves loose.

Decut SightThe Decut 120 Click falls is one of the few sights that falls into the mid range costing around £40. Whilst this is definitely a step up from the like of the Cartel Q Sight. It's not without it's faults either. Many people complain that it is heavy, too heavy and others have said that after a few months that theirs started to shake itself loose as well. I'm interested in keeping my bow as light as possible as I find that the shoulder of my bow arm can start to ache after a few hours especially as I use a 34" longrod and so on that basis alone I ruled it out.


avalontech one The Avalon Tech One which costs around £50 is another popular mid range recurve sight. From the bit of research I did into it the single biggest complaint that people have is that the scale is too dark making it hard to read. One of the things I hated about my old Cartel sight was that I couldn't adjust it quickly or accurately. Whilst I'm sure I would be able to adjust the Avalon Tech One quickly could I do so accurately if I couldn't see the scale properly. I just knew that this was going to be something that would bug me which I why I ruled it out.


SF CarbonThe SF Carbon sight is pretty much the next one up in terms of price and potentially quality. Sebastian Flute have a reputation of making good quality products. I myself shoot a SF Forged + riser which I really like and, I think, is pretty much the best riser below £300. Generally speaking this sight is again another quality product but I did read a number of reviews that said that this too would start to shake itself loose over time. It has be said that these experiences did seem to be in the minority but at around £70 I wanted something that would stay solid all the time, every time.

The next step up in price and you are pretty much looking at Shibuya with sights like the Dual Click. The Dual Click is a legendary sight and widely used and respected. The only thing that put me off buying it was that the screws for adjusting it were exactly the same as on my old Cartel sight, albeit much, much better quality ones. I really liked the quick, easy and precise adjustments that can be made on the sights above like the Decut 120. This then meant the Shibuya Ultima RC and as I wanted to reduce the weight of my bow as much as possible I decided to go for the Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon.

shibuya ultima rc carbonThere is no doubting that the Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon is an expensive sight at nearly £200 and to be honest I couldn't have afforded it unless I had sold my greatly underused Canon EF 2x Teleconverter but whilst it is expensive it is also a simply superb sight. The whole sight oozes quality and it is incredibly robust. I've been shooting with it now for something like 8-9 months and it has never once come loose, it simply stays exactly where you put it until you decide to move it.

Adjusting it is so simple that it is a joy to use. There is a quick release leaver which you press in when you want to make large adjustments to the vertical scale and then it's just a case of making micro adjustments by using the wheel on the side for elevation and the wheel on top for windage. This means that not only do you never have to loosen any screws to make an adjustment but also that there aren't any screws to loosen and therefore no screws to work loose.

Along with a printed scale down the side of the sight it also comes with a stick on strip which allows you to make your own sight marks allowing you to instantly change from say 80 yards to 60 yards without having to refer to an app or scorebook for your sight marks. There is also a smaller painted white area on top the sight block on which you can add your own scale to make adjustments for windage easier to see.

Whilst I certainly wouldn't recommend this sight for a complete beginner simply because it would be complete overkill and your money would probably be spent better elsewhere, if you are looking to upgrade your existing sight then I would seriously suggest that you consider it as it's probably going to be the only sight you'll ever need.

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