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Slow Motion Video Has It's Uses


Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Slow Motion Video Has It's Uses

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I've always been a fan of the iPhone but my iPhone 4 was running slower and slower and so needed to be replaced. Having had a couple of iPhones previously, owning an iPad and two Apple Mac's it made sense to stick with Apple and so I went with the iPhone 5S. The difference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5S is huge. So much faster, better screen, better camera, 4G capabilities etc etc. To be honest when I got the iPhone 5S I hadn't realised that it can now shoot video in slow motion as I've never really used the video side of any of my phones. A couple of weeks ago though I found a use for this feature in my archery.

Around a year ago I was looking to upgrade my arrows from my beginners Easton Jazz to something better and decided to upgrade to Easton ACC's. I took my bow down to Quicks who measured my draw and put my bow on a bowscale and suggested I buy 3-28 0.500 spine ACC's. Unfortunately the draw length that they measured turned out to be too long and not one I could sustain. As a result I ended up having to use a magnetic clicker as even using the clicker plate extension on my SF Forged + riser I couldn't place the clicker far enough in front. After shooting with these for several months I was able to extend the distance I shoot at from 30 yards to 60 yards but noticed that at distances over 60 yards I was frequently shooting left and the arrows were prone to being caught by the wind. It turned out that not only were the arrows too stiff for my bow and draw length but also the points were too light.

I recently bought new arrows to replace these and decided to go with Easton ACG 610R 0.610 with 120grain break off points. I also had these arrows cut 1/2" shorter which then meant I could go back to using a standard clicker. It was then I got the idea of using the slow motion video on my new iPhone 5S to set the position of the clicker arm. This is the video I shot.



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