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Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Shibuya Ultima RC Carbon

When I took up archery a couple of years ago I just bought a basic sight to get me a going, a Cartel Q Sight which I bought from Quicks. As a complete beginner there was little point in me buying anything better as at that stage a pin stuck in the side of the riser would have been good enough for me. However, although a big improvement over a pin, the Cartel Q Sight was not without it's problems. A common complaint with pretty much all Cartel sights is that they constantly shake themselves loose with some people saying they have to re tighten them after every arrow. I was fortunate that my sight would remain tight most of the time and 'only' required tightening once or twice a session. Unfortunately this was probably due to it being very stiff and meant that it was a nightmare to adjust. So around 8 months ago I started looking for a new sight, but which one should I buy?

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